Miyerkules, Marso 7, 2012

Micro Bead Extensions: Is It Safe?

Nobody wants to have a bad or, worse, a damaged hair. As we all know, adding extra effort to your hair will make you more confident. When you look good, you will also feel good. And with the never-ending search for solutions to every hair problem, hair extensions have now become a reality.
Micro bead extensions have already turned out to be one of the most admired accessories when it comes to hair fashion due to its stability. And with the right application and care, it can be the safest solution to your damaged hair. Such method is applied without using hot irons or any adhesive to get your hair bonded. Instead, real human hair is being attached individually close to your scalp using small metal beads. The said micro beads are also available in different colors to match your existing hair color.
If you are a first-time client taking micro bead extensions into consideration, you can have hair consultation to an expert hair stylist who is well-trained in applying such type of extension method. And since attaching bead hair extensions perfectly needs enough time and practice, feel free to ask your stylist’s past experiences regarding this matter. This will ensure you that you are getting the right service. This will also give you the chance to ask how the said process is being done, how much it cost, and any matter regarding proper care for your hair extension.
Micro bead extensions are expected to last for up to six months. Some hair stylists may have specific shampoo and conditioner recommendations and other styling products to make your hair extension last longer. The most commonly used type is the adjustable bead hair extensions which are attached against the scalp using metal beads that will slowly loosen as your hair grows out. That’s why you need to have your hair beads tightened once every two to three months. And falling hair during extension-tightening is only normal due to old strands shedding and not because of actual hair breakage. So it shouldn’t be a reason for worry.
Having micro bead extensions is never painful. Though you may experience some discomforts during the attachment process but this is only temporary. There are clients who experienced having mild headache within the first few days of wearing their extensions but it should only last for a short period of time. Physical activities such as swimming and other sports are still possible to do without causing damage to your hair as long as your hair extensions are being taken cared of properly.

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